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LynTec, a leading manufacturer of remotely operated power control systems for installed audio, video & lighting systems. Known for working with controllable circuit breaker and electrical relay panels, we offer the most advanced self-contained control panels on the market today. Our patented RPC controller includes a web enabled interface and supports IP, DMX 512, sACN, RS 232 or contact closures.

Model: XPC

The Xtend XPC Power Control Series is composed of independently located remote relay modules that offer flexibility in installation and control.
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LYNTEC Load Shedding and Peak Shaving Panel
Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2014
LynTec's RPC line of remote control circuit breaker and relay panels has the ability to load shed at the circuit level as a standard feature. It can shed circuits in an under-voltage or brownout condition, or turn selected circuits off with a contact closure input. Circuits can then be sequenced back on when it's safe. Extremely easy to set up using a built-in web enabled user interface.