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Sencore Announces the Addition of the Klein K-10 to its Line of Colorimeters
Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Sencore Announces the Addition of the Klein K-10 to its Line of Colorimeters

The K-10 is a non-contact optical tri-stimulus colorimeter. It offers superb accuracy, the fastest read times you will find, superior performance at low light levels, high accuracy, and extremely high light level measurements.

Sioux Falls, SD - SENCORE, a world leader in content delivery solutions, announces the addition of the Klein K-10 to its line of color measurement tools.
The K-10 is a great solution for providing light & color analyzing measurements in A/V calibration, manufacturing, lab settings, large outdoor displays or signage, broadcast monitors, and specialty display analyzing applications.
  • Multiple Times Faster than other Colorimeters
  • Highly Accurate and Stable at All Light Levels
  • Low Level Measurement Sensitivity of 0.00006 fL. – Measure to Black
  • Luminance Measurements to 10,000 fL - Analyze Outdoor LED Video Boards & Signs
  • Integrated LED Calibration Table for Precision Accuracy on New LED displays
  • A Soft Rubber Read Head Boot Safely Positions the K10 Lens to the Display Screen Blocking Ambient Light
  • Accurate Aiming Provided by Red LED Light through the Focal Lens
  • Rugged Construction and Impact Resistant Carry Case Provide Years of Dependable Operation
The K10 features large 5mm x 5mm photodiodes in combination with thermally stable components to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and stability of any colorimeter. The spectral filters are exceptionally accurate and a light mixing chamber insures the photodiodes see the same light no matter the probe’s circular orientation. The K-10 sensor takes 256 samples each second, even at very low light levels, and compiles 8 meter updates every second to speed you through calibration.
The unique design of the K10 enables it to outperform all other sensors when it comes to low light sensitivity. The K10 provides an amazing sensitivity all the way down to 0.00006 fL (.0002 cd/m²) to insure accurate measurement near and at black. The upper measurement range is equally astounding, providing luminance level measurements approaching 10,000 fL to easily analyze outdoor displays or signage.

The Klein K10 is a progressive solution for accurately analyzing new LED light based displays. It includes a factory based calibration table for LED based display measurement. It further features a soft rubber read head boot which can be positioned to the face of direct view display screens. An extension permits the K10 to be mounted on a tri-pod in front of the display. The soft rubber boot blocks ambient light from the measurement, complementing the low light sensitivity of the K-10 and preventing measurement errors caused by reflective screens.

“The K-10 is the fastest meter I have ever tested in extreme low light applications. Additionally, it is the only colorimeter at this time that can accurately address LED consumer and commercial display calibration. Since it flawlessly integrates with the CalMAN software it is an invaluable tool for anyone who calibrates displays.” Gary Reber, Widescreen Review, Sea Ranch, California
Extreme attention to design detail achieves consistent and accurate measurements in all measuring applications. Its rugged construction and impact resistant carry case insures years of dependable service. The Klein K-10 is a complementary product to the popular ColorPro by CalMAN Video Calibration Software.