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Sencore Announces Picture in Picture and Auto-Setup Features on RadianceXD and XE
Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Sencore Announces Picture in Picture and Auto-Setup Features on RadianceXD and XE

Sioux Falls, SD - SENCORE, a world leader in content delivery solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of several new features to its world class Radiance series of video processors. The Radiance (XD and XE) now includes a powerful picture-in-picture capability that permits theater viewers to preview other available input video programs. A simple remote button press swaps the picture-in-picture and main video. The setup menu provides ten picture-in-picture setup configurations with unique sizing and positioning settings to please all video enthusiasts. This feature allows switching between up to 18 different input sources.

In addition, Radiance Processors now self configure their output resolution and HDMI signal type during installation, eliminating the tedious task of determining the best setting for the display and navigating setup menus. The Radiance Video Processor automatically sets the HDMI output resolution and format type to match listings in the display’s EDID (preferred). Not only does this greatly simplify setup, it insures the best possible processor configuration and great display picture performance.
Gordon Fraser from Convergent AV, United Kingdom states, “The new auto output setup facility is proving very useful in the field. It has dramatically cut down the service calls and has saved us time in pre-configuring units before shipping to installations. Customer feedback on the new Picture in Picture modes is great too. Clients really like the fact they can preset the size, position and opacity of the PIP window to their liking!"
If you desire precision grayscale and color performance, the Radiance Video processor is designed to please. The multi-point three dimensional Grayscale/Gamma calibration of the Radiance now includes another calibration point just above black. This added calibration point improves color balance near black where many displays struggle to keep a good color balance and where viewers most easily notice color shift.
“The Radiance Video Processor sets the industry benchmark for switching, calibration and video processing to produce the best picture quality on any display” stated Jeff Murray, National A/V Sales and Merchandising Manager for Sencore.  “The Radiance offers 10-bit processing, per-pixel SD and HD video de-interlacing with adaptive diagonal filtering, scaling technology without ringing (No-Ring Scaling™), MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction and ’3D‘temporal noise reduction.” 
Sencore develops and markets a broad range of technology and equipment to enable content delivery.   With a world class line of video and audio products, professional calibration equipment and high end video processors they have provided system integrators with proven turnkey solutions for custom system installation and reliable customer service.
The Sencore product portfolio includes: Video and Audio Generators, Analyzers, RF Meters, Satellite Alignment Equipment, Calibration Products and Video Processors.